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Nature and all of her Beauty....

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

It is March 23, 2019, I happened to be riding around in my car along a winding road, in Whites Creek,Tn, when I happened to see open land with beautiful horses grazing peacefully without a care in the world. I live around the corner, so to drive past this open land everyday with horses, was a win!!! I parked my car in Whites Creek High School's parking lot, which is next to them, and I just sat there on top of car and just watched. I wanted to just soak up the moment and just relax. My instructor from my old school used to constantly remind me to sit patiently and wait for a moment to happen. One of the greatest photographer's in the world, in my opinion, Henri Cartier-Bresson, was the best to do it!!! I noticed when I first got there they were on the other side of the barn, so I couldn't really get a great shot anyways, at least not one that I thought would be great enough, so I had no choice but to wait..lol. It ended up paying off too, in more ways than once.

Although I am a portrait photographer, sometimes I love to sit outside in nature and just be alone with my thoughts, and my camera, and just admire the beauty of what's in front of me. Nature is the best canvas to capture many images from, such as the swaying of a weeping willow tree, the strong currents in water streams ,which leads to beautiful slow shutter speed images, or just the various animals going about their daily routines in their natural habitats; these are just some to name a few.

This Group of horses were just moving about slowly, so I wanted to capture that with my 70-200mm lens, so that I can get an up close shot because they were still a little far away for my liking.

One thing that I loved about sitting out here watching the horses, were how tranquil my surroundings had become. It felt like an intimate time with just nature and I. Sometimes living in the city, you forget how nature is so kind, gorgeous, and carefree. I had time to just reflect on life, my career, and memories of when I, myself, went horseback riding when I was younger. I would love to go back to those days, or better yet create new memories riding horses.

I wanted to play around with rule of thirds. Photography terms of having my first subject in the left corner and the barn in back right.

I literally sat out here for two hours just looking for the ah ha!! moments and just meditating. I really don't see photography as a job, so when I go out somewhere in nature, it doesn't bother me. Its my passion, my purpose, and my first love. After a hard days work, who wouldn't love to be able to have an outlet that uplift them and take you away for a couple of hours?

I wanted to create a triangle with the positioning of my subjects (horses)... which meant I had to wait for a while for the horses to position themselves and then.. Click!!!

I can never get tired of doing this. Tune in Next time.... to see where Life takes me... see ya later!!!

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