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Spring break: A Time to Balance Motherhood/Work

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

On March 11, 2019, I decided to take time away from work, and do what I love the most... Spend time with my babies. I get a lot of questions all the time about how do I balance my work life and home life? how do you keep them from overlapping? and the truth is, you have to have a big support system. My children are 3 and 5, so I like to keep them with familiar faces and places. By that I mean, when I have to work, and this particular shoot for the day is busy, I have family members, such as the grandparents, aunts, cousins and uncles spend quality time with them until I'm off. Since I've been shooting as a professional, periodically, I let them come to the studio with me as they sit quietly with their juice boxes, iPads, and toys; I let them see what mommy does for a living. In doing this, my son has developed his love for photography and videography, so much, so that he's been going around the house recording his own movies and taking candid shots of his sister or whomever is walking in his area at the time. I find it so great that I may have a photographer on my hands, that can one day be able to assist me on some assignments!!!

On the days that I have free, I love to read Nashville Parent Magazine, which where you can find all sorts of affordable activities to do for kids of all ages, not just on the weekend, but during the week as well. As a mom with toddlers, photography isn't the only thing that keeps me busy, lol... so it helps to build up a network with other moms and have play dates to provide an outlet for my kids. I mean who likes to do work all the time and not have any time to play? I also follow Chic- Fil- A on Rosa Parks or another location on Charlotte Pke. in Nashville, Tn, which is how I found out about the Face Painting that took place that day. The events are free, and the parents can bring the kids to engage whatever activity is available on that day. My kids had a blast! They absolute without a doubt love eating there so to get their faces done in their favorite action here or cartoon character was the highlight of their day!!!

On the times that I'm not in studio with my kids, I don't normally have my camera on me, but I always love to capture their candid moments, so that I can share them with my family in Florida, and my Husband's family in North Carolina. They don't get to see them that often, so that's my way of sharing my updates with them. I love to live in the moment with them, because they're growing up so fast, and these are moments that I won't be able to get back, so I try not to place the camera in between them and I.

In the following moments, you will see My son Noah (5) on the far left, His Friends from McKenzie (5) on the right, Her Sister McKinley (3) in the green Jacket, and My daughter Makayla (3) on the far right, enjoying their freshly painted faces. I couldn't resist not getting these images. I hope you have fun viewing these precious memories!!! until then See You next time, with a new adventure to share... Peace!!!

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