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Game Time!!! Let's Go Bisons!!!!

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, I had the opportunity to step foot on David Lipscomb University's Campus to watch the Women's Basketball team take on the NJIT Highlanders Women's Basketball team at the Allen Arena, in Nashville, Tenn. It was a hard, fought game, with the final score being 69-53. The Lady Bisons would lose by 16. Though, the Lady Bisons lost, they never gave up the fight!!! I mean you can't always win them all, I always say! I had so much fun watching the game, that it brought back so many memories of my time as an athlete, which, a lot people don't know that part about me, lol. I honestly can't wait to go back and shoot some more sports photography because there's nothing more exciting than being in the heart of the game and witnessing all of the emotions from the crowd to the players and coaching staff! Watching sports on tv, doesn't even do justice.

The images that I chose to showcase below are just some of the images that I felt would show the camaraderie amongst the players on each team, that most don't know on the outside, becomes like your second family. You're with these individuals everyday, and win or lose, these are your buddies through thick and thin. This is one of the things that I missed the most about playing sports, because it's all about team work and uplifting each other, you know the old adage "There's No I in Team!" I admit that I got so caught up in the game, that I found myself becoming one of the cheerleaders on the baseline, chanting "Let's Go Bisons, Let's Go! I guess you can say my love for sports, still runs deep in my veins, which my late dad would love to hear. I could so also sense some of the frustration with the miss calls, which those that watch sports, knows that happens... the refs will call for a time out, so the teams can talk to their coaches and regroup. I chose that image with the starting five surrounding Head Coach Greg Brown for the Lady Bisons, every now and then who doesn't feel like they need someone to sit down and assist with decision making? I know I do. This game was very physical and everyone knows that defense wins the game, no matter what sport you play. I wanted to show both teams being competitive with defensive with plays, to showcase what it looks like to be aggressive in taking a shot in the face of your defenders, like Anna Hammacker #23, a guard for David Lipscomb did.

I never thought that I would love to shoot any sports photography, let alone be able to get close to the action like I did. It also makes me ponder why I never thought about taking my photography in this direction, considering my love, passion, and athletic background in sports. At times, I find myself being more passionate and competitive than my husband, which makes me laugh sometimes. I wonder where my next adventure leads me to next week....

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